The title “Titan” refers to three seas, composed mainly of liquid methane, located in the largest, icy moon of Saturn. Punga Mare, the first place where waves outside Earth were found, was named after ancestor of sharks, rays and lizards and a son of the god of the sea in Maories mythology. Ligeia was one of sirens coaxing sailors to the inevitable destruction in Greek mythology. Ligeia Mare has some interesting features with changing shoreline and evolving peninsula. The largest known body of liquid in Titan, Kraken Mare, was named after the sea monster in Scandinavian mythology. It is thought to be greater than Caspian Sea on Earth. Kraken Mare is also hydrologically connected to the second largest sea, Ligeia Mare.

Punga Mare and Ligeia Mare are written for clarinet and piano, Kraken Mare for bass clarinet and piano. Punga Mare (2015) turned out to be a some kind of virtuoso piece. With Ligeia Mare (2017) I seeked for different colours turning into terrifying solution, and with Kraken (2017) I had a picture of clumsy elephant in china shop in my mind.