Aurinkosi / Your Sun

Silloin minä kaipasin sinua
minä en enää ollut
Sinä aamuna…
minä lakkasin olemasta
Minä kaipasin sinua huomenna
kaipaan sinua eilen
Sinun aurinkosi nousi
Sinussa minä olen kaikki
olinko minä koskaan?
Sinun aurinkosi tänään

(Lyrics by the composer)

At that time I longed for You
I was no more
At that dawn…
I ceased existing
I longed for You tomorrow
I’ll long for You yesterday
Your sun arose
In You I’ll be everything
did I ever exist?
Your sun today

(Free translation by the composer)

Your Sun is written for six-part mixed choir. It consist of two main sections and coda. The whole tone harmony has a big role in “Your Sun“.

The work has a serene beginning with gradually increasing amount of  pitches-out-of-harmony. These strange pitches bring certain nervousness to the texture, and finally the work bursts out in to the complex middle section, which is the most demanding episode in this work. After this middle section has reached the climax, the constantly more brightened coda follows. Anyway the quite last notes are again strange to the others leaving the ending in the air.

Ari Romppanen (concert program, Dufay-Ensemble’s concerts in Germany 2009)