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Ari Romppanen
performs both as a composer and pianist.

Works of Ari Romppanen have been performed (a few examples):
–  Tampere Biennale, Siba-Fest, Musica Nova Helsinki, UNM Reykjavik and Oslo, 9th International Piano Festival in Espoo, Porvoo Summer Sounds, Viitasaari Time of Music, Maj Lind Piano Forum, PianoEspoo, 2D2N Festival Odessa, Aino Ackté Chamber Music Festival…
– Broadcasted on Doordarshan national TV-channel India, WQXR Q2 radio station USA…
– In Finland and other nordic countries, Estonia, Germany, India, USA, Argentina, Ukraine…
– Composition concerts: Imatra 2015, Helsinki 2017

– ‘Brasstasy’ for brass quintet in Brass 5: ‘In Brass Mood’ (JJVCD-08), 2002
– ‘Lehmä karkaa’ in ‘First operas – five animations’ (DVD), 2007
– ‘Rho Cas’ studio recording by YLE broadcasting company, 2008
– Several concert recordings by YLE

Grants, awards
– Arts Council of North Karelia
– Armas Paloheimo Foundation
– Sibelius Foundation of the Society of Finnish Composers
– The Finnish Music Foundation (MES)
– Awarded in the composition contest of 9th International Piano Festival in Espoo, Finland, 2007 (Rho Cas)

– Society of Finnish Composers since 2005
– Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society Teosto since 2015

Studies and academic degrees
– Master of Music (Composition), Sibelius Academy (composition studies with Erkki Jokinen, harmony and counterpoint studies with Tapio Nevanlinna).
– Bachelor of Music (Music pedagogue, Piano), North Karelia University of Applied Sciences.
– Music Instructor (Piano), Joensuu Conservatory.
– Composition masterclass: Porvoo Sävellyspaja 2008 with Jouni Kaipainen and Jukka Tiensuu

-Working residency in Berlin in April 2017
-Worked in Buenos Aires in 2006 as invited by the Finnish Embassy in Argentina and the university of Morón.
-Awarded in the 5th open piano contest in Petrozavodsk, Russia, 1996
-Performed both as a pianist and a chamber musician
-Conservatory of Joensuu, Emil Holmström, Kai Nieminen, Arto Satukangas, Sari Blå, Aino Ackté Chamber Music Festival, Janne Mertanen, among others, have commissioned works from Ari Romppanen

Photo: Sari Blå

Photo: Sari Blå

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